The Power of Sonship

This is one of my favorite subjects! The finished work of the cross fulfilled in us. What a powerful revelation once we lay hold onto it. It goes beyond grace, the forgiveness of sin, and the promise of eternal life. As a Son, we enter into that dynamic here on earth! We are joint-heirs with Christ Jesus, meaning everything He has, WE have. Right now! But we have to accept it and begin functioning from that place. I am attaching two links to teachings I have done.


Update on Building

So most of you know already that the building we wanted sold last fall and we have been watching the market for something affordable. However, the next best thing listed was way beyond reasonable and then it sold. The next one was close to $1M. So there’s no way we could do that.
But something about the first building kept pulling at all of us, like even though it sold, it wasn’t really “over.”
So today I had this “nudge” to drive by and leave a business card. And people were working on the building although the owner was away on vacation. Just like God ~ the man I talked to and I had common history, right down to he graduated from a high school where I would have gone if a new one had not been built! Then one of the other workers was familiar with LOHOP in Camdenton! Seriously?! The more we talked, the smaller the world became. I shared the Word and what we teach, and the presence of the Lord was overwhelming. And mind you, we were standing on the back porch with rain falling. “I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.” 1 Kings 18:41
There is a possibility of some combined services in the future, the leader is looking for a more permanent “leader” to teach the sermons. We share a common vision and currently lead similar programs. So when their pastor returns, he and I will be talking.
We’ll see what God does. But to me there was so much in common, this was no coincidence! I don’t believe in them. This was a God-incidence!
Keep praying with us!!
Pastor Kathy

Possible New Building

I’m putting this out there by faith ~
I looked at a church building for sale this week that is very reasonably priced. It would literally take a miracle to acquire. Some of our former regular attendees said they would return if we ever went back into a standard church building. That said, how many of you still feel that way? It’s in west Springfield, Missouri, it is handicap accessible, has a nice fellowship hall and the sanctuary seats about 100. There is plenty of parking behind the church. It would also allow us to do some evening meetings and conferences that we have not been able to do for a very long time. Plus we could do outreach ministry very dear to our hearts.
I know some of you are very committed and active in other churches now, but we would need people to stand with us. And God can/does send new people as well. Pray about it and either post comments or send me a message to let me know!
Thanks. I love you all!

God always provides

AmazonSmile. Who knew? I sure didn’t! God keeps giving innovate ways to donate and give to charities we love and want to support. There are hundreds of not-for-profit corporations, like Red Cross, United Way, and one of my favorites, The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, because it donates to help solve domestic violence and cancer that affects women.
Of course, we pray and believe God first and foremost to meet our needs and heal our bodies. At least, I do. It’s how I was raised and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But great organizations don’t get by without funds to support them. The utility bill has to be paid, the trash needs to be hauled off, in some cases a mortgage needs to be paid, and then there is insurance. The list goes on. And in our case, God has been faithful to meet our monthly needs. He always has, and I believe he always will!
But sometimes He uses people in fulfilling those needs. Right now, after seven years in our current location, we are needing to make repairs, like hanging some new drywall, replacing some ceiling tiles, paint inside and out. Just about everything!
What we are not certain of is whether or not God is fixing this building to keep it or move us to a better location so that we can resume a more congregational setting. We are following His lead one day at a time. We are in a state of transition, that is for certain. We are happy where we are at, serving our local congregation, many of whom are homeless or just transitioning off the streets. To say that our tithes and offerings are low is an understatement! But we trust God! If He chooses to move us, we are happy with that, too! My daughter once said that it felt like we were pieces on a board game and He could pick us up and move us around whenever he wanted to. If we’re yielded to Him, that’s exactly right. And isn’t the outcome glorious!
Pray about your part in our journey. It may simply be to pray. Of course, there is nothing simple about prayer, for nothing gets done without it! Or it may be to give, in time, labor or finances. And no amount is too small. If you shop on Amazon anyway, would you consider using the link and let Amazon bless us with a portion of their profits? It would help immensely!

I pray God blesses you abundantly in your daily endeavors, whatever He has called you to do. If you need prayer, a word from the Lord, or ministry, please e-mail me. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Kathy


This may not be exciting news to some, but for us it is BIG news! Why? You may ask.  Because Fresh Oil Ministries is a community outreach ministry based 100% on donations.  Right now, and for about the last 6 years, we have been serving a small congregation of homeless and transitioning into housing members.  Some receive a small income amount, some work day labor when available, some rely on the prayer of “give us this day our daily bread…”  just to survive from one day to the next.

But they are hungry for the Word of God, and a closer, more meaningful relationship with Christ.  One that produces fruit in their lives, one that produces change! That they may say, “In ME first…” They truly come in wanting to hear a message that will uplift their spirits and go away changed.  But they also come in physically hungry.

Even though our city provides plenty of meal programs, we just do not have the heart to preach a message and tell them to go eat somewhere else.  Usually they will have missed a meal if they stay for church.  We provide coffee, water, milk and chocolate milk before service.  And for those who stay for service, we serve a light brunch following.  And this takes money to provide.  Plus we have the usual costs of utilities, heating and the necessities of running a church like paper products and cleaning supplies.

As Pastors, we never have and never will take an offering or salary from the ministry. On the contrary, through the years we have notably been the largest givers on the books.  Why?  So no one but God can tell us what we can or cannot do by threat of pulling their tithes.  It was an old tactic of church members once upon a time, and we don’t fall prey to that device of the enemy today.  If no one gives, God provides a way for the need to be met.  Scripture says “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory.”  And He does, every single time!

If the Lord should put it on your heart to contribute, we are a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and donations are tax deductible.  Please pray, and follow the leading of the Lord.  Any gift, no matter how small or what you might think is insignificant, is greatly appreciated!  God bless!




Contact Information

While we are still working on the site, if you would like to get in touch with us you may write to me at  I will do my best to respond to you in a timely manner.

Please know that we are praying God’s highest and best purpose in your life.  If you need prayer for any reason, please send a prayer request!  We have a network of prayer partners available, and while respecting your privacy, I will send out a PUSH for prayer.  What is a PUSH?  Pray Until Something Happens!  Many times all I need to do is send a text with the word PUSH, and within a few hours, the answer is met.  Faith has been added to faith, knowing that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, and where two or three agree, God is in the midst.  And sometimes when we ask, Gods best for us is to wait on that answer.  But delay is not denial.  His timing is always perfect!

God’s mighty blessings be with you today and every day as we celebrate Him above all else!



Welcome to the new site for Fresh Oil Ministries located in Springfield, Missouri! As you can see, we are under construction. Please be patient with us as we get the site up and running. We will be adding links to our Facebook page and other social media to keep you up to date with what is going on here, as well as what the Lord is speaking to our hearts. God bless you all for being with us through the years. So the site name. Fresh Oil 1993. That’s when we first began, and it seems like only yesterday! We’ve come a long way since then, and I hope to upload some pictures to add history as we go. Eventually there will be video as well! Thanks for visiting and we’ll see you soon! God bless!