Update on Building

So most of you know already that the building we wanted sold last fall and we have been watching the market for something affordable. However, the next best thing listed was way beyond reasonable and then it sold. The next one was close to $1M. So there’s no way we could do that.
But something about the first building kept pulling at all of us, like even though it sold, it wasn’t really “over.”
So today I had this “nudge” to drive by and leave a business card. And people were working on the building although the owner was away on vacation. Just like God ~ the man I talked to and I had common history, right down to he graduated from a high school where I would have gone if a new one had not been built! Then one of the other workers was familiar with LOHOP in Camdenton! Seriously?! The more we talked, the smaller the world became. I shared the Word and what we teach, and the presence of the Lord was overwhelming. And mind you, we were standing on the back porch with rain falling. “I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.” 1 Kings 18:41
There is a possibility of some combined services in the future, the leader is looking for a more permanent “leader” to teach the sermons. We share a common vision and currently lead similar programs. So when their pastor returns, he and I will be talking.
We’ll see what God does. But to me there was so much in common, this was no coincidence! I don’t believe in them. This was a God-incidence!
Keep praying with us!!
Pastor Kathy

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